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Senior 3 Pitch
Team W L T PTS
DieKat 6 0 0 12
PSG Plumbing 4 1 1 9
TextNow 4 2 0 8
ATS 3 3 0 6
Burgess Flooring 2 3 1 5
Tentworks 1 5 0 2
Mr KW Landscaper 0 6 0 0


Senior 3 Pitch
Tuesday, June 5, 2018
PSG Plumbing 23
Tentworks 10
Monday, June 4, 2018
Tentworks 14
Burgess Flooring 15
  • It's Been An Awesome Season!

    Congratulations Tent Works! You did it! We had a rocky start, but we finished our regular season in first place!
  • And We're Back!

    Welcome to the 2017 season! This year Tent Works welcomes Tycho, Cannon, Chris and Emma to the team!
  • 2017 Snack Rotation

    Here is the 2017 Snack Rotation. If you know that your player will not be attending or able to bring a snack on the scheduled day, please try to make arrangements with another family, and let the coach know ... More
  • Hot Dog Day 2O18 - It happened!

    This is the annual wrap-up party for the Blastball, T-Ball and 3-Pitch program. Since 2012, the season has ended with a wrap-up party and championship finals at Wilson Park. (Prior to that it was held at ... More
  • Lots of guidance here for everyone

    Here's a whole bunch of articles that should be of interest to players & parents involved in our program. We strongly encourage everyone to be familiar with the material - not only for your own benefit but e... More
  • We are absolutely Tobacco Free

    We are "Tobacco Free". We do not permit use of tobacco products in any form at any of our events - nor simulation thereof. This means: NO smoking - NO chewing tobacco - NO candy cigarettes NO "vapor" smokin... More
  • 2017 Hot Dog Day at Wilson Park

    What a great day to wind up our season and celebrate the start of summer. The Kitchener Citizen team won the Senior T-Ball Championship, TextNow the Junior 3-Pitch Championship and PSG Plumbing the Senior 3-P... More

MVP - Merit Star

Graham MacDonald 2
Tycho Davey 2
Liam Baechler 1

H - Hits

Graham MacDonald 33
Logan Baskerville 33
Cole Raper 32

HR - Home Runs

Liam Baechler 4
Tycho Davey 2
Graham MacDonald 1

R - Runs

Graham MacDonald 20
Farah McKellar 19
Cole Raper 19

RBI - Runs Batted In

Liam Baechler 28
Graham MacDonald 27
Logan Baskerville 25

SLG - Slugging Percentage

Liam Baechler 1.333
Graham MacDonald 1.190
Logan Baskerville 1.050